• The Starter Chuck


    The Starter Chuck

    The Starter Chuck from Monstro is a transition hold designed to help any ninja going from a tapered grip to a full vertical grip. It features a tapered up top to help avoid grabbing the bolt on top...

  • The Saber Chuck The Saber Chuck


    The Saber Chuck

    The Saber Chuck was inspired by an ANW competitor named…. Well… JEDI! Jedi Markowski competed on season 7 of American Ninja Warrior and has been training ever since. We created this...

  • Skull Beast Ball Skull Beast Ball


    Skull Beast Ball

    Ooooo scary! The Skull Beast Ball is an intimidating addition to any osbtacle line. As seen at the OCR World Championships.   Specifications: 6" tall ~6" gripping surface Grippy texture

  • 6" Semisphere 6" Semisphere



    The Monstro Semisphere is a semi-spherical hold perfect for compression or campus training. Mount with standard 3/8” hex bolt to a t-nut or 4” decking screw Specifications: 4" or 6"...

    $19.00 - $44.00
  • Pro Bungee Grips Pro Bungee Grips


    Pro Bungee Grips

    Monstro Pro bungee grips are much like their standard bungees without the top knot and additional overall grip thickness. Made from from premium shock cord providing around 1.5 inch in diameter of...

  • Bungee Grips Bungee Grips


    Bungee Grips

    Monstro Bungee Grips are made from premium shock cord, providing around 1 inch in diameter of gripping area and extending approximatly 12 inches from the included Black Oxide ring. Bungee Grips are...

  • ABS Rings (pair)
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    ABS Rings (pair)

    Black rings for use with our Peg Graspers. Each ring is approximately 9 inches in diameter, 1.2 inches thick and made of high density ABS plastic. Can be coupled with nylon runners as a swinging...

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  • The Ultimate Limit The Ultimate Limit


    The Ultimate Limit

    The ultimate limit is a training grip for the extreme! Like the famous “Vertical Limit” obstacle, there is a 1 centimeter lip that tests your finger and grip strength to the limit. It is...

  • Infinity Ledge Infinity Ledge


    Infinity Ledge

    Our first community named hold, “The Infinity Ledge” A multi-purpose grip with a full 360deg, 1.5in ledge topped with a 3in Hemispherical grip for easy matching and big, dynamic moves...

  • Incut Cliff Ledge Incut Cliff Ledge


    Incut Cliff Ledge

    These uncut cliff ledges are 11.5" long and 1 5/8" deep with a slight incut on both sides   Specifications: 11.5 inches long 1 5/8" deep Mounts easily to any door jam or 1.5in beam grippy...

  • 3 inch Slip Chuck "Elsa"


    3" Slip Chuck (Elsa)

    Take your grip training to the next level with the 3in slip chuck.  A 3in diameter nunchuck style grip with a rounded top to aid in training your fingers to the limit. Can’t make a single...

  • The Dragon Pegs The Dragon Pegs


    The Dragon Pegs

    Can you tame the dragon? Inspired by the Pocono Ninja's own Peg Monster at Freedom Gymnastics and Ninja in Brodheadsville, PA. These 2-3in peg grips are no joke! With a textured claw holding a smooth...

  • Bar Hop Cradle (Flying Bar) Bar Hop Cradle (Flying Bar)


    Bar Hop Cradle (Flying Bar)

    The flying bar is one of the most difficult obstacles out there requiring mastery of body motion and precision to land the bar evenly within each cup. Until now, this was an extremely difficult and...

    $15.00 - $81.00
  • The Peg Ball The Peg Ball


    The Peg Ball

    What can make a 6″  grip more dynamic? Put a peg in it! Introducing the Peg Ball by Monstro Holds! We take a standard 6 inch training ball and add our own little twist by allowing you to...