Balance Obstacles

  • DGS Ninja Teeter Totter DGS Ninja Teeter Totter

    DGS Ninja

    Teeter Totter

    The Teeter Totter is an essential balance obstacle for any ninja gym. We've reinvented the classic teeter-totter, making it fully adjustable to suit your preferred challenge level. With three height settings - 11.5", 15.5", or 19.5" - you can customi…

  • Padded Swing Padded Swing

    DGS Ninja

    Padded Swing

    Add floating steps to your ninja rig with the Padded Swing. This obstacle includes four specially made nylon straps that have sewn-on loops every 12", making it easy to adjust the swing to different heights. For greater stability, use all four straps…

  • Full Throttle Full Throttle

    DGS Ninja

    Full Throttle

    The Full Throttle is designed to challenge a ninja's balance, coordination, and footwork. At rest, the vinyl pad is positioned at a 60-degree angle. The objective is for the ninja to step onto the pad and leverage their weight and footwork to level i…

    $119.00 - $569.00
  • Static Lily Pad Moving Lily Pad

    DGS Ninja

    Lily Pad

    13 Diameter Padded Vinyl Top Unique Spring Mechanism on Moving version allows top to tilt in any direction, then spring back in position when unweighted. Static...…

    $319.00 - $363.00
  • Swivel Steps Swivel Steps

    DGS Ninja

    Swivel Steps

    As seen at the 2019 NNL World Championships!    These steps are padded on all sides with Carpet Bonded Foam, and secured with velcro to the floor or to the wooden rotating base. The base rotates 90 degrees, or can also be locked in place us…

    $555.00 - $4,150.00
  • Angled Step Risers Angled Step Risers

    DGS Ninja

    Angled Step Risers

    Use these risers under a set of  Angled Steps to create the ascending steps obstacle, with each of the 5 steps getting progressively higher. Or use them as mounting blocks for other obstacles. The risers are covered in carpet bonded foam and com…

    $233.00 - $1,695.00
  • Angled Steps Angled Steps

    DGS Ninja

    Angled Steps

    The Angled Steps are a basic required item for any ninja training facility. These steps are sturdy and stable wood angled boxes padded on all 5 sides and have hook Velcro on the bottom so they will stay in place on carpet bonded foam. The design of t…

    $299.00 - $1,399.00
  • Ninja Domino Blocks Ninja Domino Blocks

    DGS Ninja

    Ninja Domino Blocks

    Line up a bunch of these padded Ninja Dominoes to create a unique obstacle for ninjas to run over. These dominoes are padded on all 6 sides, allowing them to be used in different positions of varying heights. The removable pads can also be used...

    $46.00 - $1,795.00
  • Floating Plank Floating Plank

    DGS Ninja

    Floating Plank

    Introducing the Floating Plank, an exciting ninja obstacle designed to test your balance and focus! This 7ft x 1ft plank is suspended in the air by eight specially made nylon straps. Each strap has sewn-on loops every 12", making it easy to adjust th…

  • Ascending Steps Ascending Steps

    DGS Ninja

    Ascending Step

    Climb your way to the top with the DGS Ninja Ascending Steps. These steps come in several different variations. Choose from small tops (12" x 9") or large tops (14" x 12") and short bases (11" to 15") or long bases (17" to 24"). Pair the steps with o…

    $235.00 - $249.00
  • Step by Step

    DGS Ninja

    Step by Step

    These super durable steps have a solid wood core covered in foam and finished with a durable red vinyl. Hook 4" Velcro on the bottom holds them securely to carpet bonded foam flooring. Available in 2 different sizes. This same.…

    $116.00 - $117.00
  • Peg Balance Trainer Peg Balance Trainer

    DGS Ninja

    Peg Balance Trainer

    A great versatile balance object that can be made as easy or as difficult as you want. The six pegs of varying lengths are made of solid oak for strength and durability, The base is made of laminated baltic birch and painted black.

    $329.00 - $339.00
  • Log See Saw Log See Saw

    DGS Ninja

    Log See Saw

    The Log See Saw is inspired by the classic see-saw, and designed to test your balance, coordination, and agility! Available in two sizes, the adult version features a 16" base, while the kids' version comes with an 8" base. As you step onto the Log S…

    $415.00 - $429.00
  • Floor Mounted Drum Hopper Floor Mounted Drum Hopper

    DGS Ninja

    Floor Mounted Drum Hopper

    The Floor Mounted Drum Hopper is a unique obstacle that will put your balance and upper body strength to the test. Padded vinyl ovals sit atop sturdy pipes, requiring you to rely on your hands to maintain stability as you navigate across the obstacle…

  • Broken Pipe Broken Pipe

    DGS Ninja

    Broken Pipe

    The Broken Pipe is a thrilling ninja obstacle that will put your balance and coordination to the test! This unique challenge features two 10ft barrels covered in padded vinyl, connected by a transition step. The bases must be secured to carpet..…

  • Road Flare Road Flare

    DGS Ninja

    Road Flare

    The Road Flare is an exciting and dynamic ninja obstacle that will test your balance, agility, and core strength! This unique obstacle features two padded vinyl barrels, each measuring 58 inches in length set up between two uprights. The barrels are.…

    $789.00 - $2,779.00
  • G2N Balance Series G2N Balance Series


    G2N Balance Series

    DON'T FALTER WITH THE G2N BALANCE SERIES! Jump, dart, tiptoe or wander your way across these obstacles, but DON'T FALL OFF! Balance series items are made with high quality steel and/or skidguard wood panels. Put different pieces together to switch up…

    $110.00 - $420.00
  • Half Round Ninja Balance Trainer Incline Ninja Balance Trainer

    DGS Ninja

    Ninja Balance Trainers

    The Ninja Balance Trainer Obstacles are a perfectaddition to any gym. Arrange the 7 different styles however you see fit to keepthings changing every day! Made with high quality Baltic Birch that islaminated for strength and poly-coated for durabilit…

    $39.00 - $599.00
  • Ninja Rollers

    DGS Ninja

    Ninja Rollers

    The Ninja Rollers are padded cylinders for ninjas to stand on and roll their way from one point to another. Available in different sizes and widths for varying degrees of difficulty. These rollers have a wooden core and are wrapped in …

    $151.00 - $799.00
  • Ground Plate for Ascending Steps Ground Plate for Ascending Steps
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    DGS Ninja

    Ground Plate for Ascending Steps

    The Ground Plate is required for use of the Ascending Steps. These 5' wooden Ground Plates velcro to carpet bonded flooring. The bases of the Ascending Steps are designed to bolt into T-Nuts on the Ground Plate which allow for 6" increments of horizo…

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The Spine 2.0 The Spine 2.0
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The Spine 2.0

The Spine 2.0 takes the original design to new heights with several notable improvements. Constructed entirely out of steel, the slim, lightweight design ensures a sturdy and reliable structure. With...

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The Bat The Bat

Brett Sims

The Bat

The Bat is a lightweight traversal tool in the unique shape of a bat. You can either use both hands to slide along pipes, or use one hand to transfer between pipes. Both the bat-shaped design and...

DGS Ninja Fidget Spinner DGS Ninja Fidget Spinner

DGS Ninja

Fidget Spinner

As featured in Stage one of the 2020 National Ninja League World Championships. This obstacle will keep those ninjas busy for hours. 12" Diameter hand holes 3 Peg holes Now...

$219.00 - $272.00
Bolt Cutters Bolt Cutters close up
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Bolt Cutters

Modeled after the real thing, the BarnBuilt Bolt Cutters were designed to challenge the upper body strength and grip of elite ninjas. This obstacle requires you to open and close the jaws of the Bolt...

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Intro to Ninja Coaching

DGS Ninja

Intro to Ninja Coaching

Available for purchase only on   Learn how to safely teach foundational skills to ninjas age 4-15 with this 8 week long curriculum. Pair the course with the DGS