• Class Barrier Pad Class Barrier Pad

    Resilite Sports Products

    Class Barrier Pad

    Weighted Free StandingBarrier Pads designed to quickly reconfigure class space, direct class flow, orprotect against hazards in close proximity to student activity.    Available as a single, set of two, or set of four Available in your ch…

    $414.00 - $1,500.00
  • Salmon Ladder Pads
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    DGS Ninja

    Salmon Ladder Pads

    Salmon Ladder Pads include two pads that fit the uprights of any of our Salmon Ladders or Salmon Ladder Expansions. These also help to conceal the safety system of the weight kit.

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  • Protective Wall Pads Protective Wall Pads closeup view of top lip


    Protective Wall Pads

    These board-backed pads are manufactured with high quality polyurethane foam fillers and 16oz leather-embossed, mildew resistant, fire retardant, high tensile and tear strength vinyl fabric covering. This makes for a beautiful, long-lasting, safe,...

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Starter Ninja Package

DGS Ninja

Show Special: Starter Ninja Package

Contact Us to purchase. The Show Special: Starter Ninja Package is available as either a standalone 8'x20'x10' Steel Rig with Post Pads & Cross Pipes or as a complete package with everything you...

Was: $10,704.00
Now: $8,563.00
Red Guillotine



The Guillotine by BarnBuilt is a striking addition to your ninja course, designed in the shape of an executioner's blade. This unique obstacle features several curves and a special delivery slot,...

Burning Rubber with Red Vinyl


Burning Rubber

Burning Rubber by BarnBuilt offers a thrilling challenge to test your balance and agility. This obstacle features a 12" diameter barrel covered in padded vinyl that spins freely when stepped on. Set...

Single ABS Ring Pair of ABS Rings

DGS Ninja

ABS Ring

Made from high-quality ABS plastic, these 9" rings are built to withstand rigorous training sessions. Available exclusively in red, the ABS Ring can be purchased individually or in pairs. 

$12.95 - $25.00
Single Mount Cliffhanger Board front view Single Mount Cliffhanger Board back view

DGS Ninja

Single Mount Cliffhanger Board

The Single Mount Cliffhanger Board is a great way to add cliffhanger challenges to your rig. With two pipe clamps for easy installation on a vertical pipe, setting up is a breeze. These rig-friendly...

DEMO Extreme Adjustable Bridge
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DGS Ninja

DEMO Extreme Adjustable Bridge

The Extreme Adjustable Bridge is the perfect way to add an incline or decline challenge to your ninja course. Unlike traditional unstable bridges, the Extreme Adjustable Bridge is fixed so that it...

Was: $435.00
Now: $349.00
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BarnBuilt Sword in red



Unleash your inner hero with the BarnBuilt Sword! Hang onto the handle and pull it towards you to drop the Sword into a vertical position, enabling you to swing freely. You'll feel like you're...

Neighborhood Ninjas X DGS Ninja hold resin ninja warrior obstacle front with Neighborhood Ninjas ninja logo on it Neighborhood Ninjas X DGS Ninja hold resin ninja warrior obstacle back with DGS icon on it


Neighborhood Ninjas Grip Sphere

This 2.75-inch diameter semi-spherical device is perfect for group training and swing courses. Its grippy texture and flat bottom make it easy to store and use. Features a 3/8 forged eye-bolt for...