World Ninja League

  • The Spine 2.0 The Spine 2.0
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    The Spine 2.0

    The Spine 2.0 takes the original design to new heights with several notable improvements. Constructed entirely out of steel, the slim, lightweight design ensures a sturdy and reliable structure. With its 8-foot length, it effortlessly integrates into…

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  • Red Warped Walls Green Warped Walls

    DGS Ninja

    Warped Wall

    Our Warped Walls are manufactured to order and are available in 6 different heights to fit your space. All sizes of Warped Walls are 4' wide. High quality materials and CNC cut panels ensure a perfect fit and a professional quality product. All Warpe…

    $2,095.00 - $4,289.00
  • DGS Ninja Fidget Spinner with embedded polymer bearing DGS Ninja Fidget Spinner on Rig

    DGS Ninja

    Fidget Spinner

    As featured in Stage one of the 2020 National Ninja League World Championships. This obstacle will keep those ninjas busy for hours. 12" Diameter hand holes 3 Peg holes Now available to be mounted on a 1.25" (1.66" Outside...

    $219.00 - $272.00
  • Red Flywheel Athlete using Flywheel

    DGS Ninja


    These flywheels are made of strong baltic birch which is cut by CNC machine tools then laminated for strength and sandwiched around a layer of acrylic for a stunning visual effect. Flywheels slide over cross pipes and are sec…

  • Full Throttle Full Throttle

    DGS Ninja

    Full Throttle

    The Full Throttle is designed to challenge a ninja's balance, coordination, and footwork. At rest, the vinyl pad is positioned at a 60-degree angle. The objective is for the ninja to step onto the pad and leverage their weight and footwork to level i…

    $119.00 - $569.00
  • Static Lily Pad Moving Lily Pad

    DGS Ninja

    Lily Pad

    13 Diameter Padded Vinyl Top Unique Spring Mechanism on Moving version allows top to tilt in any direction, then spring back in position when unweighted. Static...…

    $319.00 - $363.00
  • Skyhooks Skyhooks

    DGS Ninja


    Use these skyhooks with your choice of rings and mount them in any configuration you wish. Available with a hook on one side, or as a double with hooks on both sides. The Regular version is our standard skyhook and features more bend in the hook for.…

    $215.00 - $309.00
  • Cliffhangers Cliffhangers

    DGS Ninja


    These wooden cliffhangers are made from laminated Baltic Birch,  two styles are available.  Bolt on with rock style bots and tee nuts and Screw on with wood screws.  Our bolt version fits on our our Ninja Pegboards, the back of the DGS…

    $34.00 - $46.00
  • Peg Grasper 5-pack in red with black pegs Monstro peg grasper in use by a ninja athlete at the WNL World Championships


    Peg Grasper 5-Pack Bundle

    The Peg Grasper is a simple hold that takes a common design and turns it into something completely new and extremely functional. Unlike any other door knob or ring toss, the Peg Grasper can also take a 1-1/4 inch peg, standard peg board size, allowin…

  • Mallet Mallet



    Introducing the Mallet, an exciting twist on swinging barrels! The Mallet not only challenges your swinging abilities but also tests your grip strength and agility. Maintain precision in your transitions and landings to overcome this unique challenge…

    $129.00 - $275.00
  • Tik Tok

    DGS Ninja

    Tik Tok

    The Tik Tok is an 8' long swinging obstacle covered in padded vinyl, and features a stable platform for you to stand on while you conquer its swinging motion. The Tik Tok is designed with a pillow block bearing, ensuring a smooth and controlled swing…

  • Swivel Steps Swivel Steps

    DGS Ninja

    Swivel Steps

    As seen at the 2019 NNL World Championships!    These steps are padded on all sides with Carpet Bonded Foam, and secured with velcro to the floor or to the wooden rotating base. The base rotates 90 degrees, or can also be locked in place us…

    $555.00 - $4,150.00
  • Angled Step Risers Angled Step Risers

    DGS Ninja

    Angled Step Risers

    Use these risers under a set of  Angled Steps to create the ascending steps obstacle, with each of the 5 steps getting progressively higher. Or use them as mounting blocks for other obstacles. The risers are covered in carpet bonded foam and com…

    $233.00 - $1,695.00
  • Spider Climb Add-on for Warped Wall Spider Climb Add-on for Warped Wall

    DGS Ninja

    Spider Climb Add-on for Warped Wall

    The spider climb is designed to be added on to a freestanding warped wall to create another challenging obstacle. The back side features pre-installed t-nuts for installing rock holds or cliff hangers, and the inside is smooth so that is can be used …

    $1,125.00 - $1,669.00
  • Angled Steps Angled Steps

    DGS Ninja

    Angled Steps

    The Angled Steps are a basic required item for any ninja training facility. These steps are sturdy and stable wood angled boxes padded on all 5 sides and have hook Velcro on the bottom so they will stay in place on carpet bonded foam. The design of t…

    $299.00 - $1,399.00
  • Red Peg Grasper Monstro peg grasper in use by a ninja athlete at the WNL World Championships


    Peg Grasper

    The Peg Grasper transforms a familiar design into something entirely innovative and highly functional. Distinct from typical door knobs or ring tosses, it can be used with a Monstro 1-1/4" inch peg, opening up a variety of uses within a compact footp…

  • New
    12ft Warped Wall with extended top

    DGS Ninja

    DEMO 12ft Warped Wall

    The DEMO 12ft Warped Wall features an extended top, which gives more square footage than our normal warped walls. Available in blue with black face and features a black vinyl interior lining.

    Was: $3,292.00
    Now: $2,962.00
  • New
    Slide Box with PVC tube Slide Box
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    DGS Ninja

    DEMO Slide Box

    The Slide Box provides an innovative challenge that tests coordination, grip strength and precision. Athletes will slide the included PVC tube along the pipe, pushing it through the box. The goal is to maneuver the tube far enough through the box so …

    Was: $419.00
    Now: $339.00
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  • New
    Black Revolvers on Rig Back view of Revolver in black
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    DEMO Revolvers

    Elevate your walking bar and fly bar setups with the Revolvers by BarnBuilt. This innovative obstacle adds a dynamic challenge to your ninja course, designed to test your timing and precision. The Revolvers are sold in pairs and mount on a custom J-P…

    Was: $759.00
    Now: $609.00
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  • New
    Blue Door Drop
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    DGS Ninja

    DEMO Door Drop

    The Door Drop, measuring 6' x 2', is a perfect transition obstacle for your course run. Hang the Door Drop from straps using the D-rings at the top, and mount the pillow block bearings on a 1.25" (1.66" OD) cross-pipe below (sold separately). The...

    Was: $499.00
    Now: $399.00
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Starter Ninja Package

DGS Ninja

Show Special: Starter Ninja Package

Contact Us to purchase. The Show Special: Starter Ninja Package is available as either a standalone 8'x20'x10' Steel Rig with Post Pads & Cross Pipes or as a complete package with everything you...

Was: $10,704.00
Now: $8,563.00
Red Guillotine



The Guillotine by BarnBuilt is a striking addition to your ninja course, designed in the shape of an executioner's blade. This unique obstacle features several curves and a special delivery slot,...

Burning Rubber with Red Vinyl


Burning Rubber

Burning Rubber by BarnBuilt offers a thrilling challenge to test your balance and agility. This obstacle features a 12" diameter barrel covered in padded vinyl that spins freely when stepped on. Set...

Single ABS Ring Pair of ABS Rings

DGS Ninja

ABS Ring

Made from high-quality ABS plastic, these 9" rings are built to withstand rigorous training sessions. Available exclusively in red, the ABS Ring can be purchased individually or in pairs. 

$12.95 - $25.00
Single Mount Cliffhanger Board front view Single Mount Cliffhanger Board back view

DGS Ninja

Single Mount Cliffhanger Board

The Single Mount Cliffhanger Board is a great way to add cliffhanger challenges to your rig. With two pipe clamps for easy installation on a vertical pipe, setting up is a breeze. These rig-friendly...

DEMO Extreme Adjustable Bridge
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DGS Ninja

DEMO Extreme Adjustable Bridge

The Extreme Adjustable Bridge is the perfect way to add an incline or decline challenge to your ninja course. Unlike traditional unstable bridges, the Extreme Adjustable Bridge is fixed so that it...

Was: $435.00
Now: $349.00
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BarnBuilt Sword in red



Unleash your inner hero with the BarnBuilt Sword! Hang onto the handle and pull it towards you to drop the Sword into a vertical position, enabling you to swing freely. You'll feel like you're...

Neighborhood Ninjas X DGS Ninja hold resin ninja warrior obstacle front with Neighborhood Ninjas ninja logo on it Neighborhood Ninjas X DGS Ninja hold resin ninja warrior obstacle back with DGS icon on it


Neighborhood Ninjas Grip Sphere

This 2.75-inch diameter semi-spherical device is perfect for group training and swing courses. Its grippy texture and flat bottom make it easy to store and use. Features a 3/8 forged eye-bolt for...