830 Package

DGS Ninja 830 Package

  • SKU: NW-SR83010PKG
    The 830 DGS Ninja Package has a manageable 8x30 foot print which can easily be added on to later. 12 and 14 ft height options come with pre-drilled holes to mount truss at two different heights, and adjustable cross pipes that can be mounted on the upper or lower truss allow for an infinite amount of adjustments. The package includes everything you need to hang the included obstacles, along with mats and start/landing blocks. 

    The 830 Package includes the following:
    • 8ft x 30ft Footprint Steel Rigging at your choice of 10ft, 12ft or 14ft uprights
    • 8 - Upright Pads
    • 12 - Crosspipes with clamps