Brett Sims

  • The Bat The Bat

    Brett Sims

    The Bat

    The Bat is a lightweight traversal tool in the unique shape of a bat. You can either use both hands to slide along pipes, or use one hand to transfer between pipes. Both the bat-shaped design and...

  • Red Toss Up Toss Up on Rig

    Brett Sims

    Toss Up

    Introducing the Toss Up, an exhilarating swinging obstacle that offers multiple exciting challenges for ninjas of all skill levels. This unique obstacle features two special delivery slots, two pegs,...

    $399.00 - $519.00
  • New
    Red Rotating Vertical Limit

    Brett Sims

    Rotating Vertical Limit

    The Rotating Vertical Limit by Brett Sims is a dynamic and challenging addition to any ninja course. This obstacle features two panels: the first panel is equipped with a vertical limit and can...

    $359.00 - $409.00
  • Red Cliff Drop Black Cliff Drop

    Brett Sims

    Cliff Drop

    The Cliff Drop is designed to fall when a ninja's weight engages the obstacle, creating a dynamic challenge that puts grip strength to the test. Choose between a 1.5" or 2" cliffhanger. The Cliff...

  • Red Mini Throwback 2.0 Black Mini Throwback 2.0

    Brett Sims

    Mini Throwback 2.0

    The Mini Throwback 2.0 is a smaller version of the Mega Throwback 2.0. This improved version features sleek cutouts that minimize weight and a 1.5" cliffhanger for more versatility. When...

    $249.00 - $299.00
  • Red Mega Throwback 2.0 Black Mega Throwback 2.0

    Brett Sims

    Mega Throwback 2.0

    The Mega Throwback 2.0 works exactly as it sounds: throw it back and jump to the next set of handles. This improved version features sleek cutouts that minimize weight and a 1.5" cliffhanger for...

    $339.00 - $399.00
  • Palm Flip upright Palm Flip

    Brett Sims

    Palm Flip

    The Palm Flip is an exhilarating ninja obstacle that will put your agility and timing to the test! This unique challenge begins in an upright position, with the arms resting against an overhead...