Monstro Blue Peg Grasper Isolated

Peg Grasper

    The Peg Grasper is a simple hold that takes a common design and turns it into something completely new and extremely functional. Unlike any other door knob or ring toss, the Peg Grasper can also take a Monstro 1-1/4 inch peg, allowing you to use it in a whole new way effectively creating 3 obstacles using only a four inch footprint on any flat surface. Put a peg in one hand and a ring in the other or just use one hand with a peg or………. it goes on and on. Due to the 3 in1 design of this doorknob, the Peg Grasper will allow you to plan and design an intense upper body course route without braking the bank or drilling a ton of holes. Add our poly pegs for an awesome workout and cool looking obstacle. Pegs sold separately.

    Uses for the Peg Grasper include:
    • pull ups
    • dead hangs
    • offset pull ups
    • lock off training
    • peg board
    • ring toss
    • door knob path
    • and more….

    • 4″ wide
    • 4″ tall
    *All Monstro products are made to order. Delays may occur based on current order load.