Slider Rail Set
Accessory Attachment Brackets
Fly Bar and Cradles
Fly Bar and Cradles Drawing
Hand Hoppers
Hand Hoppers Diagram
Hill Hopper
Hill Hoppers Diagram
Devil Steps Diagram

Multi-Use Slider Rail Set

    The Ninja Multi-Rail is designed to fit on our Ninja rig and is the foundation for a number of different obstacles. The base Multi-Rail includes a slider bar and bar safety line, and the following obstacle attachments may be purchased separately.
    • Slider Rail Set:  Includes 2 - 12 ft. multi-rails, steel slider bar and safety line.
    • Accessory Attachment Brackets: Use this set of 12 quick mounting brackets to secure 3 different obstacles to your Ninja Multi-Rails.
    • Fly Bar and Cradles (Requires Accessory Attachment Brackets): Includes aluminum fly bar that works with slider bar safety line and adjustable cradles. Cradles bolt to the multi-rail and can be adjusted to different widths, and also rotated to allow for ascending or descending.
    • Hand Hopper Pads (Requires Accessory Attachment Brackets : The specifically designed pads mount to the fly bar cradle bases and allow them to be used as hand hoppers. Also adjustable to allow for ascending or descending.
    • Hill Hoppers: Add some difficulty to your slider bar by quickly attaching these hill hoppers directly to the multi-rail (No brackets needed). Set includes 8 hill hoppers, 2 pairs small and 2 pairs large.
    • Devil Steps (Requires Accessory Attachment Brackets): Mount these devil steps between the two Multi-Rails. They rotate for ascending or descending, and also come with pre-installed t-nuts so you can attach cliffhangers or rock holds to really mix things up!
    • Horseshoes: Use these horseshoes with our Ninja Hooks, or by themselves as a unique and different obstacle.