Keystone with Red Key Handles
Keystone with Black Key Handles
Keystone with Blue Key Handles
Keystone with Green Key Handles
Keystone with Lime Green Key Handles
Keystone with Teal Key Handles
Keystone with Red Key Pegs
Keystone with Black Key Pegs
Keystone with Blue Key Pegs
Keystone with Green Key Pegs
Keystone with Lime Green Key Pegs
Keystone with Teal Key Pegs
Keystone Red Handle
Keystone Black Handle
Keystone Blue Handle
Keystone Green Handle
Keystone Lime Green Handle
Keystone Teal Handle
Keystone Red Key Peg
Keystone Black Key Peg
Keystone Blue Key Peg
Keystone Green Key Peg
Keystone Lime Green Key Peg
Keystone Teal Key Peg

The Keystone presents a fresh twist on lock and key obstacles. Hang it vertically with the triangular opening at the bottom, to allow the keys to lock securely. The Key Handle is perfect for beginners and suitable for all skill levels. If you're up for a more demanding challenge, try the Key Peg which features a small, knobby pommel that demands precise grip and control.

For added versatility, you can hang the Keystone and each Key individually, transforming them into swinging obstacles. When the Keystone is hung sideways, the opening can be used with bars or rings as well. Nylon Straps are sold separately.

WARNING: These items are not toys. Activities involving motion and height create inherent risk of serious injury including paralysis or death. These products are intended for use by properly trained participants under qualified supervision, and the user of this product therefor assumes this risk. Always know your physical limitations and limits of your equipment. Avoid landing on head or neck as serious injuries may result. Always check for proper mat positioning, equipment stability, and inspect hardware for wear and damage before and after each use. Do not use if signs of damage or excessive wear are present. DGS shall not be liable for personal injury or property damage incurred through the use of purchased items.