Young athlete running up red DGS Ninja free standing warped wall inside gym
Unpainted wooden DGS manufactured free standing warp wall
Green warped wall outdoors
Blue warped wall free standing indoors at ninja gym
Green, blue, and purple DGS manufactured warped wall with black sides inside of a gym side view
Free standing warped wall with black sides and a rock wall on the back
Red DGS manufactured ninja warped wall
Blue DGS manufactured ninja warped wall
Lime green DGS manufactured ninja warped wall
Black DGS manufactured ninja warped wall
Purple DGS manufactured ninja warped wall
Dark green DGS manufactured ninja warped wall

DGS Ninja Free Standing Warped Wall


    The Warped Wall is not just an iconic obstacle on television, it's bound to be one of the centerpieces in your gym as well. 

    DGS Ninja Warped Walls Feature:

    • CNC Cut Panels
    • Highest Quality Baltic Birch
    • 2x4 Bracing with Additional Baltic Birch Supports
    • Half Round Top Lip
    • Black Painted Face
    • Your choice of Side Color
    • Available Cutouts at lower height with removable wood plug
    • Available Spider Climb and Top Railing

    Freestanding Walls ship with back panels that include T-Nuts for mounting rock holds and include brackets for mounting to the floor.

    Wall Mount Walls ship with an open back and are designed to be anchored to a wall. Click here to see our Wall Mount Walls.

    A note about shipping:
    Warped Walls are BIG, so they must ship motor freight. There are many variables when shipping via motor freight, so please note that upon checkout your freight rate will be an ESTIMATE ONLY. A customer service representative will contact you for further information so we may calculate actual freight costs after you have submitted your order.

    All Warped Walls must be built on level and solid ground. They must be anchored to the floor or wall for a stable and secure system. Only use these walls with the correct anchors installed and secured.