DGS Ninja

  • Spinning Door Knob Spinning Door Knobs on Pegboard

    DGS Ninja

    Spinning Door Knob

    Join the exciting world of ninja! Bring a whole new element to your gym, and all features can be adjusted to fit the age or skill level of the user. The Spinning Door Knob adds a challenge to your...

    $22.95 - $135.00
  • Quick Link Quick Link

    DGS Ninja

    Quick Link

    Use 1/2" zinc-plated quick links to attach ninja obstacles with ease! Create permanent connections or take them with you on the go to make temporary set-ups FAST and with no tools...

    $4.50 - $5.00
  • Red Flying Trapeze Black Flying Trapeze

    DGS Ninja

    Flying Trapeze

    The Flying Trapeze is made from two arms connected with a 54" bar. Sturdy Laminated Arm that slides over your 1.25" or 1.5" ID diameter pipe with locking collars and steel handles.  See the pull...

  • Red Bowtie Black Bowtie

    DGS Ninja

    Ninja Bowtie

    The DGS Ninja Bowtie is crafted from a single wooden arm and features a single 17" steel handle, providing a firm and dependable grip for your swinging endeavors. Each Bowtie includes locking collars...

  • DGS Ninja Hangtime Trio DGS Ninja Hangtime Trio

    DGS Ninja

    Hangtime Trio

    The Hangtime Trio (as featured at the 2019 National Ninja League World Championships) includes one Makercraft Wingnut 1.0, one Flying Squirrel and one Bowtie. Use them all together, or mix them up to...

  • DGS Ninja Flying Squirrel DGS Ninja Flying Squirrel

    DGS Ninja

    Flying Squirrel

    The Flying Squirrel is made from two separate arms that swing independently. Sturdy laminated arm that slides over your 1.25" or 1.5" ID diameter pipe with locking collars and steel handles...

    $315.00 - $345.00
  • Log See Saw Log See Saw

    DGS Ninja

    Log See Saw

    The Log See Saw is inspired by the classic see-saw, and designed to test your balance, coordination, and agility! Available in two sizes, the adult version features a 16" base, while the kids'...

    $415.00 - $429.00
  • Scaffold Clamp Scaffold Clamp

    DGS Ninja

    Scaffold Clamp

    Connect your pipes at any angle with the Swivel clamp, or connect them at a fixed angle with the 90 Degrees or Half clamps. 2" Openings Fits 1.6" - 2" OD ...

    $19.75 - $26.65
  • DGS Ninja Canes DGS Ninja Canes

    DGS Ninja

    Ninja Canes

    The new DGS Ninja Canes are a shorter version of our Ninja "Hooks" with some modifications to make them a little more user friendly. Shorter in length (27" and 28") with the same...

    $45.00 - $89.00
  • Red Ninja Hook Ninja Hooks

    DGS Ninja

    Ninja Hooks

    Ninja Hooks are CNC cut using super strong baltic birch,  painted with either Polyurethane for a smooth finish or a Textured paint finish. Use them to swing from your Ninja rig, as an added...

    $45.00 - $99.00
  • Ninja Complete Rig Ninja Complete Rig

    DGS Ninja

    Ninja Complete Rig

    Ninja Complete Rig includes:   10 ft. or 12 ft. or 14 ft. Warped WallWe paint them if you desire. Choose your color!  Monkey Bars Salmon Ladder Pegboard Ninja Pipe System   (Mats shown...

    $11,329.00 - $12,729.00
  • Ninja Basic Rig Ninja Basic Rig

    DGS Ninja

    Ninja Basic Rig

    The Ninja Basic Rig includes the basic elements you need to get started with Ninja in your space. Choose from 3 size options of  warped wall, monkey bars, salmon ladder and pegboard fit together...

    $8,275.00 - $9,559.00
  • Broken Pipe Broken Pipe

    DGS Ninja

    Broken Pipe

    The Broken Pipe is a thrilling ninja obstacle that will put your balance and coordination to the test! This unique challenge features two 10ft barrels covered in padded vinyl, connected by a...

  • DGS Ninja Truss Clamp DGS Ninja Truss Clamp
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    DGS Ninja

    Truss Clamp

    These clamps are designed to fit our DGS Ninja Truss or DGS Ninja Slider Rails and hold a 1.25" (1.66 OD) Cross Pipe.. Easily tighten and loosen with two allen head set...

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  • Road Flare Road Flare

    DGS Ninja

    Road Flare

    The Road Flare is an exciting and dynamic ninja obstacle that will test your balance, agility, and core strength! This unique obstacle features two padded vinyl barrels, each measuring 58 inches in...

    $789.00 - $2,779.00
  • Cheese Wheel Cheese Wheel

    DGS Ninja

    Cheese Wheel

    This simple looking obstacle will test the grip strength of any ninja! Used in Stage 3 of the 2022 NNL World Championships, the Cheese Wheel mounts on a crosspipe and is a swinging vertical limit...

    $145.00 - $175.00