DGS Ninja

  • Top Hat Top Hat

    DGS Ninja

    Top Hat

    Work on your strength training by lacheing to the Top Hat's 1" lip. The tall sides ensure that ninjas will be unable to cheat this obstacle by grabbing on to the tops. The Top Hat is 11" in diameter...

  • Red Super Cookie Black Classic Cookie

    DGS Ninja


    The Cookie has a lip for grabbing onto. There are three different delivery size options available for this obstacle: super (3"), classic (2.25"), and pro (1.5"). The Cookie can hang from the D...

  • Red Mini UFO Black Mini UFO

    DGS Ninja

    Mini UFO

    The DGS Ninja Mini UFO is a smaller, more portable version of our full-size DGS Ninja UFO. This obstacle can hang with a Nylon Strap and Quick Link (sold separately). The Mini UFO features an 8.5"...

  • Captain's Wheel Captain's Wheel

    DGS Ninja

    Captain's Wheel

    The Captain's Wheel features a striking design reminiscent of a ship wheel, with a long arm extending from the base. This versatile obstacle is available in two sizes to cater to different skill...

    $319.00 - $399.00
  • Tik Tok

    DGS Ninja

    Tik Tok

    The Tik Tok is an 8' long swinging obstacle covered in padded vinyl, and features a stable platform for you to stand on while you conquer its swinging motion. The Tik Tok is designed with a pillow...

  • J Pipe J Pipe

    DGS Ninja

    J Pipe

    These J Pipes are 6 feet long and feature a 90 degree bend on one end so you can use them to hang any of our swinging obstacles (wingnuts, fidget spinner, Vampire Bat, etc.) ...

  • DGS Ninja Hanging Trapeze DGS Ninja Hanging Trapeze

    DGS Ninja

    Hanging Trapeze

    The DGS Ninja Hanging Trapeze is constructed from strong, laminated Baltic Birch. It can be easily hung by threading the two included nylon straps through the holes that are CNC cut on...

  • Swivel Steps Swivel Steps

    DGS Ninja

    Swivel Steps

    As seen at the 2019 NNL World Championships!    These steps are padded on all sides with Carpet Bonded Foam, and secured with velcro to the floor or to the wooden rotating base. The base...

    $555.00 - $4,150.00
  • Angled Step Risers Angled Step Risers

    DGS Ninja

    Angled Step Risers

    Use these risers under a set of  Angled Steps to create the ascending steps obstacle, with each of the 5 steps getting progressively higher. Or use them as mounting blocks for other obstacles...

    $233.00 - $1,695.00
  • Ninja Rings Ninja Rings

    DGS Ninja

    Ninja Rings

    These large wooden rings are made of strong laminated wood. Available in 12", 18" and 24" diameter, these rings can be used for numerous different hanging obstacles. Hang them by straps or directly...

    $69.00 - $213.00
  • 28mm Wooden Rings 28mm Wooden Rings

    DGS Ninja

    28mm Wooden Rings

    The DGS Ninja Wooden Rings weigh in at .4 lbs. each, have an outer diameter of 9.25", and are 28 mm thick. They are constructed from laminated beech wood that is milled and then sanded smooth. Wooden...

    $25.00 - $50.00
  • Angled Steps Angled Steps

    DGS Ninja

    Angled Steps

    The Angled Steps are a basic required item for any ninja training facility. These steps are sturdy and stable wood angled boxes padded on all 5 sides and have hook Velcro on the bottom so they will...

    $299.00 - $1,399.00
  • Ninja Domino Blocks Ninja Domino Blocks

    DGS Ninja

    Ninja Domino Blocks

    Line up a bunch of these padded Ninja Dominoes to create a unique obstacle for ninjas to run over. These dominoes are padded on all 6 sides, allowing them to be used in different positions of varying...

    $46.00 - $1,795.00
  • Salmon Ladder Bar
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    DGS Ninja

    Salmon Ladder Bar

    The Salmon Ladder Bar is made of 1" Sch80 Aluminum that is both lightweight and durable. The two rubber ends add extra protection and helps reduce noise. The 5ft length is compatible with all DGS...

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  • Ninja Pipe System Ninja Pipe System

    DGS Ninja

    Ninja Pipe System

    The Ninja Pipe System extends out through the monkey bars of our Ninja Packages and anchors to the floor, or could also be mounted directly to a wall, creating a framework that is easily configured...

    $2,729.00 - $3,974.00
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    Pipe Coaster Handlebars
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    DGS Ninja

    Pipe Coaster Handlebars

    Unlike traditional rolling bars that require two rails, the Pipe Coaster Handlebars are designed for use with a single Pipe Coaster rail. If you have two rails, double up the challenge by adding Pipe...

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    Now: $106.00
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