DGS Ninja Pipe Coaster being used by an athlete in competition
 DGS Ninja Pipe Coaster Isolated set up
 DGS Ninja Pipe Coaster Side view on a rig isolated

Pipe Coaster

  • SKU: NW-PC-S6
     DGS Ninja Pipe Coasters as used at the National Ninja League World Championships.
    • Smooth rolling wheels on bar with bearings.
    • Single bent pipe makes mounting simple. 6, 11, 15 and 20 Down Slope Angles Available
    • Horizontal adjustment allows for adjustments in transfer distance.
    • Bar stays on pipe tracks, eliminating need for external safety lines. Includes Magnet Mount to hold bar in start position.
    Price includes two bent pipes and fixed width 6' rolling bar. Drops and clamps for mounting sold separately.