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Blue Super 3
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White Super 3
Yellow Super 3
Blue Classic 2
Red Classic 2
Black Classic 2
Green Classic 2
Yellow Classic 2
White Classic 2
Red Pro 1.5
Black Pro 1.5
Blue Pro 1.5
Green Pro 1.5
Yellow Pro 1.5
White Pro 1.5

AXE Target


    The AXE Target by BarnBuilt is available in three different slot sizes: Super, Classic, and Pro.
    Super has a 3" slot, Classic has a 2” slot and Pro has a 1.5” slot, yielding more difficulty as the slots get smaller.

    The AXE Target has multiple attachment points so you can hang it in a variety of ways with our nylon straps. Add it to your rig as a standalone hanging obstacle, or pair with the AXE for a unique challenge.