single side view of a steel mounting bracket
steel mounting brackets as seen on DGS Cliffhanger

18" Offset Bracket for Cliffhanger/Pegboards

    Use these steel mounting brackets with DGS Ninja Cliffhanger Mounting Boards to attach to our DGS Steel Ninja Rigs. The offset design is ideal for longer runs, giving athletes the clearance they need to create longer runs that pass by rig uprights. 

    Mounting brackets clamp on using four bolts and can be adjusted for height. Designed for use with our DGS Ninja Cliffhanger Mounting Boards.

    Pricing is for one single clamp. To determine number of clamps needed, add 1 to the number of cliffhanger mounting boards you are using. Example: For a 30ft run of cliffhangers, you would use three 10ft mounting boards. 3+1=4 Clamps Needed to attach to a DGS Ninja Steel Rig.