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Pipe Size Guide
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Embedded Polymer Bearings 

Recommended Tools:
▢ 5/16” Hex Key
Step 1: Slide one Locking Collar onto a cross pipe, followed by your ninja obstacle and then second Locking Collar.

Step 2: Slide your ninja obstacle into desired position on the cross pipe and then tighten the set screws until secure.


Embedded Polymer BearingEmbedded Polymer Diagram
Pillow Block Bearings
Recommended Tools:
▢ 5/32” (4.0 mm) Hex Key for 1.25” (1.66” OD) Pipe
▢ 3/16” (4.8 mm) Hex Key for 1.5” (1.90” OD) Pipe
Step 1: Slide your ninja obstacle onto a cross pipe. Rotate each bearing so that the set screws are positioned on top. This will ensure the obstacle is balanced correctly on the pipe.
Step 2: Using the correct size Hex Key, tighten the set screws until they are firmly secured.
Pillow Block BearingsPillow Block Bearings Diagram