Gym Design & Installation

Are you planning to start a ninja gym, upgrade your existing gym, or integrate ninja into your gymnastics program? DGS Ninja can help you with all that!

Rest assured that our capable team will:

  • Work closely with you, architects, builders or contractors to design a gym layout
  • Provide 3D Gym Design services to visualize the space
  • Maximize space and investment value
  • Install equipment following regulations and safety guidelines
  • Repair and recondition existing equipment
  • Optimize traffic flow to ensure safety across all program levels

Our team at DGS Ninja is devoted to providing a tailored experience that meets your specific needs. We offer an expansive range of products, including DGS Ninja Rigs, DGS Ninja Warped Wall, and a wide variety of DGS Ninja Obstacles for all skill levels. 

Still looking for more? DGS Ninja can also work with you to build custom ninja add-ons like lache lines against walls, movable walls, and more! If you’re looking for designs beyond commercial gyms like camps or other outdoor setups, we have that covered too.

Request a quote, call us at (800) 932-3339, or send an email to to speak with an expert and get started today!